BCI Leads

BCI Leads is Basketball Club International’s public outreach initiative, providing opportunities for community service and meaningful interaction including hands-on and online events with fans, kids, and peers. Through the BCI Leads programs, professional players – who are also followers of Jesus – work to build a global community of positive social and professional influence based on integrity and accountability. Led by our faith, BCI Leads by example.

Our programs give basketball heroes the opportunity to challenge kids to be heroes in their own lives, and to acknowledge the people who step up their game in everyday life. BCI Leads promotes the idea that living lives of character, integrity, values, and faith – looking beyond ourselves to reach out and support others – is the way to become a generation of heroes.

BCI Basketball Plus

BCI Basketball Plus is a youth program that BCI facilitates as a camp or integrates into faith-based and secular organizations' youth events. Our camps focus on various aspects of the game, supplemented by memorable leadership and character-building workshops

Players who participate in a BCI Basketball Plus program demonstrate vulnerability with kids, and strengthen bonds with peers who share their values. Kids who participate learn to appreciate and celebrate their own personal (and often spiritual) growth through a common love for the game of basketball.

To date, the BCI Basketball Plus program has influenced more than 10,000 kids in 20 cities, plus thousands of parents and community members who have watched our activities with great interest.

BCI Courtside Live

BCI Courtside Live connects more players to more kids and fans around the world through a real-time, interactive, and public video chat. Through moderated online conversations, professional basketball players find new opportunities to be vulnerable as they share their values and real-life experiences with the next generation of heroes. Topics include both practical and spiritual aspects of life in the pros.

Organized just four times per year, this opportunity for dialogue between players and fans is a truly unique international program. Three players, one moderator, and limitless fans can connect from any location to chat and address questions submitted by viewers during the event – either via text or live video feed. BCI Courtside Live is meant to have a wide impact, giving “viral” treatment to the values, faith, and positive messages shared by pro players who are stepping up their game.

To watch, participate in, or sponsor the next BCI Courtside Live event, please contact us.