We invite you to join REWire with us and like-minded peers. REWire is dedicated to the unique needs of pro basketball players. REWire offers a renewed sense of brotherhood and encouragement on how we transition through the seasons and challenges of our lives as professional athletes.


Through REWire we foster opportunities uniquely designed to connect, encourage and challenge pro basketball players.

“Professional athletes have a big influence on their fans, especially the younger generations. So who’s influencing the players? BCI has created a network of shared values among basketball players. They influence players who, in turn, inspire player-to-player. This internal call to accountability is something we need.”
--John Hammond General Manager, Orlando Magic

REWire Network

A network of professional basketball players, driven by and led by players who make themselves available for the spiritual and practical support of their peers. Players find common ground, encourage each other in their unique roles as leaders, and challenge each other on topics related to integrity, accountability, values and faith.

REWire Events

Opportunities for players to connect in-person vs. virtually throughout the year.

REWire Retreat

NBA Summer League REWire Event

NBA ASW REWire Event

REWire Seasons Program

Retired professional players of faith, in a one-on-one partnership with current and/or retired players focusing on transitions through the seasons of life, including personal growth and long-term professional career development.

REWire Leadership Team

Leadership team members make themselves available for spiritual and practical support for network players.

“Basketball creates an opportunity for leadership, but it doesn't guarantee great leadership. BCI serves the basketball community as a leader but it also creates leaders. Their existence is a new call for integrity in this game, for player responsibility, and for a new definition of sports leadership. BCI is in the right place at the right time."
--Roger Hinds Head Athletic Trainer, New York Knicks

REWire Partners & Sponsors

To find out more about REWire, please email rewire@bciedge.org or call 720-560-1453