Celebrating Basketball and BCI!


Live at Courtside

Reserve your space now and show up for our Courtside Live event on Tuesday May 29, and your name will be put in the loop for the random drawing to win an NBA Team Jersey of your choice.

Step up to reserve now and get your name in the loop.


Basketball Club International is a nonprofit goodwill and outreach organization that supports integrity, character, and faith within professional and youth basketball communities. We encourage and challenge the professional player to recognize the high level of influence they have – and to examine the message they send with the life choices they make. Sharm Scheuerman, who founded BCI in 2004 with his wife Kathy, believed that every life is made of opportunities to take every experience and “make it count” spiritually. His legacy continues in BCI programs that focus on unique opportunities for player fraternity and meaningful outreach.

If you love basketball, and believe that true greatness begins with integrity, accountability, values and faith, please consider supporting our programs by spreading the word about BCI Courtside Live or supporting BCI with an online donation. Thanks!