About Us

Basketball Club International is a unique nonprofit organization that challenges professional basketball players to grow deeper in their faith, walk alongside their peers, and share their life experiences with fans and kids. We focus on the pro player because he is often the strongest influencer of other pro players and because this exclusive peer group maintains a collective position of influence over the rest of the world.

With a challenge to be mindful that his everyday life is a testament to his faith, BCI offers unique opportunities for the pro basketball player including player-to-player fellowship, youth camp leadership, competitive tournament play, and other outreach programs.

Many players are seeking something beyond themselves and just don't know where to begin. They are in a unique position to influence the next generation across political and religious barriers. By continuing to challenge and support these players, as they lead by example, BCI is able to go where they go and inspire where they inspire. BCI says, "Start where you are, and we'll support you all the way."

History and Organization

BCI was founded in 2004 by former basketball player and coach Sharm Scheuerman and his wife, Kathy. Many outstanding individuals work to bring our vision and mission to the world, beginning with our top-level leadership teams. BCI is governed by a president and board of directors, and is supported by the president's advisory council, a sports council comprised of influential sports figures, and a player-driven national basketball leadership team called Sharm's Squad. We also rely on sponsors, donors, and volunteers to help communicate our message, organize events, and develop new ways to use BCI's vision to make a difference.